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Converting Potential Into Prosperity


Immigration strengthens the Canadian economy by driving innovation and filling labour shortages. Over 300,000 immigrants come to Canada each year with dreams of a bright future, bringing with them their talent, skills and experience.

Once here, many internationally trained professionals discover that their credentials aren’t recognized, meaning that a job in their field is nearly impossible. They commonly take on low-paying jobs to survive. As a result, many cannot afford the costs of gaining the credentials they need to resume their career. This barrier disadvantages immigrants, their families, their communities, and Canada as a whole. It is a terrible waste of human potential.

Windmill Microlending removes a key barrier, offering affordable loans of up to $15,000 to pay for Canadian licensing or training. Affordable credit is scarce or nonexistent for newcomers who lack Canadian credit history and collateral.

Clodia, a Windmill client, shares her experience as newcomer in Canada


Our model offers much more than a loan. We support our clients with our unique expertise in reaccreditation and the challenges of settlement. We support our clients in choosing the right path to achieve their professional goals, and help them navigate finances, banking and credit in Canada, often helping clients establish a Canadian credit history for the first time. Windmill also provides additional assistance, including coaching, our innovative Mentorship Program and free resources from our Career Planning and Success Centre to encourage the development and success of our clients.

Our goal is to unlock the economic potential of new Canadians and advance their prosperity, for their benefit and for Canada’s.

Windmill Clients Say It Best


Video Testimonial – The Call

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