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Windmill's Career Success Planning Centre

Career Planning and Success Centre

In a time of rapid change, it can be challenging to restart and grow your career in a new country. There are labour and skill shortages. New technologies keep emerging. Work expectations are evolving.

Our Career Planning and Success Centre is designed for skilled immigrants and refugees looking for tools, information, resources and success strategies to launch and advance their careers in Canada. From understanding the education you need to get accredited in your profession to financial planning and job search tips, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in your Canadian career in one place.

Downloadable career success resources

The Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide

The Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide provides newcomers with the information and success strategies they need to bring their skills to the Canadian labour market. Featuring sixteen articles, this guide focuses on four areas: financial planning, career skills, job search preparation and education credentials.

Trending Jobs Report

The Trending Jobs Report uses recent labour market data to empower you as you plan your career moving forward. Wherever you live in Canada, the report offers localized information on the jobs and sectors showing the strongest growth and prospects. It also contains supports and resources to help you navigate your path to career success with confidence.

Educational Pathways

Immigrating to Canada in hopes of pursuing your career ambitions is a big deal, so it can be disappointing to realize the education or certification you brought from your home country is not recognized here. Whether you’re a dentist or a truck driver, learn about the steps required to get back to your profession in Canada.

Career Change Navigator

The Career Change Navigator has the answers and will help you successfully complete your career transition with proven success strategies, a career change checklist, transition tips, links to supporting resources and organizations and advice from newcomers who have jumped from one career to another.

Manage your money in Canada

Financial tips for new Canadians

Bringing financial savviness to new Canadians: Tips to plan for the future and the unexpected

As an immigrant himself, Dr. Enoch Omololu understands the financial challenges newcomers experience. The Winnipeg-based veterinarian launched the website, Savvy New Canadians, in 2016, to help immigrants and refugees in their financial planning efforts. Omololu holds a master’s degree in finance and investment management and shares his expertise and knowledge to help fellow immigrants achieve their financial goals.

Understanding Debt in Canada

Seeing debt differently – A Windmill client success coach helps newcomers understand the basics of borrowing in Canada

Windmill Client Success Coach Joyce Wan has observed that when it comes to knowledge of credit products or services and debt, knowledge held by newcomers varies dramatically. Wan offers tips and resources to help immigrants and refugees understand the good and bad of debt in Canada and how to manage it successfully.

Money management for skilled immigrants

Want to take control of your money and financial future? A certified financial professional can help

Alberta-based Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Esteban Rivera, who immigrated to Canada more than 20 years ago from Venezuela shares how accounting and other certified financial professionals can help immigrants and refugees make stronger money management decisions.

Explore our recent blog articles, curated just for you

Wellness and Mental Health Support for Newcomers in Canada

Improving wellness by investing in yourself

We explore self-care, ways to boost your work-life balance and newcomer-approved unique experiences across Canada.

Caring for our health care workers in Canada

Caring for our health care workers

We help internationally-educated healthcare professionals achieve wellness in the workplace, grow in their leadership skills and plan for a long and successful career in Canada.

Skilled newcomer colleagues discussing their journeys in Canada.

Every journey to career success is different

We highlight the key questions you need to ask and the steps you need to take to successfully make your big career move in Canada.

Micro-credentials for newcomers in Canada.

Putting newcomers to work in Canada, faster

We take a look at the power of rapid microcredentials, the value of your international education as well as the best routes to accreditation in health care.

News for Canadian newcomers

Find out news and information, from across Canada, helping you understand the issues, changes, events and policies affecting newcomers.

A simple path to career success: Three steps to an affordable loan

A low-interest loan from Windmill of up to $15,000 can help you pay for the education, training or credentials you need to advance and launch your career in Canada. Here’s how:

Step 1

Find out if you’re eligible

Complete our two-minute eligibility quiz to find out if you are eligible for a Windmill microloan. If you aren’t eligible today, not to worry, contact us for next steps.

Step 2

Apply for a loan

If you are eligible, prepare your documents for your Windmill application. Here’s what you’ll need. You will be notified about your loan approval within two weeks.


Step 3

Start your journey to career success

Get notified about your loan approval and work with a Windmill client success coach to achieve your career success plan with mentorship and online digital resources available to support you.

Skilled Immigrant

What can an affordable loan from Windmill mean to your career success in Canada? Maybe increased income or new career opportunities.

Windmill Microlending loan

Do you want to know what can a Windmill loan be used for? Find the answer to this question and more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Windmill Microlending eligibility

Take our two-minute eligibility quiz to find out if a Windmill loan is right for you.