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UHN wants you to achieve your dream as a healthcare professional

Windmill Microlending and University Health Network

Are you an internationally-educated healthcare professional but not achieving your potential in Canada?

If you work at UHN and your role is not commensurate with your education, experience and skills, Windmill Microlending and UHN can help you achieve your goal of practicing as a healthcare professional in Canada.

We know the process of obtaining a Canadian license is an expensive one. Thanks to this partnership, you can receive the financial support you need to pay for the expenses related to getting accredited in your field.

Are you eligible for a $15,000 loan?

Take a two minute quiz to see if you’re eligible.

About Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending is a Canadian non-profit offering affordable career loans of up to $15,000 to help newcomers pay for the education they need to succeed in Canada. Since 2005, Windmill has supported over 6,500 immigrants and refugees to overcome underemployment and grow in their careers.

Windmill supports newcomers to achieve career success. Our client support program is designed so we can work together to develop a career success and repayment plan. Windmill client success coaches provide custom coaching, including career success plan development, career path guidance and referrals.

Furthermore, when you become a Windmill client, you have access to additional and unique client success supports such as financial literacy training, an invitation to join our Mentorship Program and gain access to online digital resources. Your success is our goal!

How Windmill can help

Windmill can help you with low-interest loans to pay for the related costs of assessment, training, licensing exams, supplies and even a living allowance during a study period.

A loan from Windmill sets our healthcare clients on the road to success

On average, our clients in the healthcare field increase their income by 3.7x

75% of our healthcare clients are employed in their field by the time their loan is repaid.

To date, Windmill has approved 3,994 loans for newcomers in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Case Study

Dr. Stephen Family Physician Windmill Microlending

When Dr. Stephen moved to Canada from Nigeria, he had over ten years of experience as a family physician. Unfortunately, he couldn’t look for a job in his field right away because his occupation is regulated in Canada. Therefore, his qualifications needed to be recognized by a regulatory body.

Since the process of obtaining a Canadian license is an expensive one, when Dr. Stephen needed help to cover his exam costs, a friend referred him to Windmill.

Today, Dr. Stephen works as an independent family practitioner in British Columbia.

Skilled Immigrant

Do you want to know what can a Windmill loan be used for? Find the answer to this question and more on our Frequently Ask Questions page.

A Windmill Microlending Mentor meeting with their Mentee.

A Windmill loan gives you access to our Mentorship Program. You will get paired with a mentor that can help you navigate the process of becoming a Canadian healthcare professional.

Windmill Microlending eligibility

Windmill’s affordable loans help skilled immigrants achieve career success in Canada. Take our two-minute eligibility quiz to find out if a Windmill loan is right for you.

In partnership with UHN.

Windmill’s statistics as of June 30 2022. Income data is based only on those who have completed their Career Success Plan and paid their loan in full.